Saving Entrepreneurs from Burnout with Dr Glenda Rivoallan

Season #1 Episode #24

Very nearly a victim of Entrepreneur burnout, Glenda realised there's a huge gap in many Entrepreneur's wellbeing, often leading to burnout and failure.

Through huge challenges, she built a complete centre of wellbeing in the heart of Jersey, and now devotes her working life to helping other business builders become resilient and mindful in order to cope with the huge challenges of entrepreneurship.

Gold nuggets in this episode:

  • How mindfulness improves resilience
  • Why you MUST take a mindful break every day
  • 8 weeks to instilling new habits
  • It doesn't have to be perfect, you just have to get it going
  • Book a meeting with yourself to take time out
  • Using the power of breath to calm the small hours demons
  • Why you must consider the entire journey before starting a business


Book: Mindfulness for Wellbeing: Calm The Mind - Build Resilience - Discover Optimal Living
(Aff link):

Glenda has kindly offered to Disruptors a FREE TRIAL PASS to Club Soulgenic - simply quote "DISRUPTORS CLUB" when you arrive at the studio in Union Street, St Helier