Build your business, live your dream. 



The Disruptors Club is all about getting you to where you want to go in business…

It’s about Disrupting Your Ordinary, all the things that have been holding you back from building and scaling a massively successful business.

Disruption is about achieving more with less...

It’s about transformation, not living the same year twice in a fog of overwhelm, noise and confusion.

It's about cutting out all those distractions, gaining clarity and taking things to the next level and beyond.

So if you're a Wantopreneur who hasn't got going yet, a Business Owner or Entrepreneur ready to become even more successful, then THE DISRUPTORS CLUB is for you...



"The support is just incredible.
It just goes to show the strength of a community like this."

Marc Le Cornu
Founder - BAM Perspectives

"You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with" ~ Jim Rohn

When it comes to relationships, there's no doubt about it, we're influenced by those closest to us.

As an Entrepreneur (or Wantopreneur), think about the 5 people with whom you surround yourself, and what impact they have on your motivation and desire to succeed.

Do they encourage you all the way, share your vision and champion your cause?

Or do they think you're crazy for wanting to be an Entrepreneur, a Disruptor, someone who believes anything is possible? Are they naysayers?

If it's the latter, then being an Entrepreneur can be a very lonely place, because YOU are the average of those 5 people..

If your inner circle aren't on the same page as you, where does your inspiration, motivation and accountability come from?

  Welcome to your new Inner Circle 

Imagine being surrounded, not by five, but 100's of Entrepreneurs who are right behind you. ​

--> who share your vision and belief, those already on the journey. ​ Imagine what you can achieve being part of a group who are your biggest supporters, who are there to motivate and hold you accountable.

--> is a place where you'll be inspired to drive forward, take action and achieve massive results. ​ A place where you spend time with other Entrepreneurs whom you can share your journey with.

--> It's all too easy to tell ourselves we're going to do something. And it's all too easy not to take action if nobody else knows about it. Results come from being held accountable. If we commit to something and let our peers know, then it's game on.


This all happens in THE DISRUPTORS CLUB -
Inspiration, Motivation and Accountability.

Your power network is ready and waiting...

It doesn't matter what level you're at, THE DISRUPTORS CLUB is going to be ​the only network you'll ever need.

Wantopreneurs with brilliant ideas, mixing with business owners and entrepreneurs from all niches, creating a melting pot of inspiration, learning and opportunity for everyone.


It's for the Wantopreneur

  • You’re stuck in your dead end job and you desperately want to get out.
  • You’re demotivated, and you dread that Monday Morning feeling.
  • You have an idea, but don't know where to start.
  • ​If only you could surround yourself with entrepreneurs and business owners who will help you get out the starting blocks and on your way...
  • Those who will motivate and inspire you, and hold you accountable to really get things going.
  • Imagine a place full of training modules, step-by-step guides, resources and years of entrepreneurial knowledge you can draw on to get you moving...

It's for the
Business Owner

  • You're captain of your own ship and things are good.
  • But you know you MUST take things to the next level, you have to scale the business, increase turnover and up those profit margins.
  • Trouble is, you're working IN your business, instead of ON your business and you can't seem to take things to the next level.
  • You want to spend time with other like minded business owners, those you can share the journey with and be motivated by...

It's for the

  • Being an entrepreneur is one of the best things in the world. It’s exciting, dynamic, and we get to create opportunities for ourselves and others.
  • But we’re not at our best working alone. We need to be surrounded by other like minded entrepreneurs to help keep us motivated, inspired and to leverage our collective experience.
  • THE DISRUPTORS CLUB is a mix of entrepreneurs and business owners at all levels. As it grows, so will the opportunities for all Disruptors.
  • With new and exciting entrepreneurs coming through the ranks, mixing with those with many more years experience, the opportunities to work together, invest in and joint venture with, will become greater by the day...

Welcome to the
Business Owners Mastermind Group

For those already in business, welcome to Altitude - our Business Owners Mastermind Group where we are taking things to the next level, and beyond!

Altitude is our top tier, where we’ll be masterminding Business Growth, Joint Ventures, Investing, Exit Strategy, and much, much more…

In Altitude, you’ll join us for Online Group Coaching, Round Table Sessions and Business Mastermind Retreats in locations around the globe.

We launch Altitude in January 2020, so if you're ready to join us in Disrupting your business and taking it to the next level, jump on the waiting list today...


"Being part of a community of like-minded people who not only have similar goals and values to you but are non-judgemental and always willing to be of help is invaluable. 

The Disruptors Club is a place where we can celebrate our wins and share our “failures” (aka learning opportunities) in a safe environment, whilst receiving support with building our dream businesses.

And Andy, founder of the Club, is a great mentor!"

Kristina Todorova
Founder - Coaching for Transformers

Opportunity does not happen alone

The most successful ventures happen when people come together…. Jobs and Wozniak, Bill and Dave, Buffet and Munger - the list goes on.

In fact, my most successful ventures have happened when I've been with other people.

Whether it’s a joint venture, a steer to a great investment, or in fact the idea for THE DISRUPTORS CLUB, which came from an Entrepreneur Mastermind event I attended in London...

Just 3 simple words around a table, set off a thousand light bulbs for me.

Opportunity also happens at intersections, with the most diverse business models coming together to create solutions never thought of before.

The Disruptors Club will bring together great minds and ideas and be a melting pot of opportunity for everyone involved.

Whether it’s in our 24/7 online forums, or at one of our live events, your next potential business partner might be right there, waiting to create a massively successful collaboration with you.

The more people who join THE DISRUPTORS CLUB, the more powerful it will be.


They say that "great minds think alike", I believe that
"great minds think differently"

What are we DISRUPTING?...

Today, we are literally drowning in a 'sea of noise'.

The constant bombardment of information from social media, text messages, emails, TV, radio, clients, friends, family . . . the list goes on.

There seem to be no barriers and we are being paralysed by the overload pushed at us every single day...

Which means we can't make decisions, we're unsure of ourselves and we're not productive....

Quite simply - we are going nowhere fast!

"All the information we need is out there… and so is a lot we don’t!

Having the Disruptors Club means: I can sort the wheat from the chaff with people I know and trust; access some very helpful trainings; ask questions and not feel silly; and get good answers via the Facebook page, Zoom calls, membership site and live meetings.

I also get the opportunity to promote myself and to share things I hope will help fellow Disruptors."

Jacqui Carrel
Founder - Jacqui Carrel RTT

We need to DISRUPT...

Our overwhelm and confusion
 Our self-imposed limiting beliefs
 Our paralysis by analysis
 Our Entrepreneur loneliness
 Our lack of goal setting
 Our fear of failure
 Our time-sucking social media habits


We need to DISRUPT ourselves

In order to take our businesses to the next level, we need to be able to focus, to tune out the noise and the bad habits.


Maybe, if we try to do it alone . . .

But if we come together as a group of driven entrepreneurs and business owners, we can inspire, motivate and hold each other accountable to focus on what really matters, so that we can reach the next level and beyond.

If you're serious about taking action, then
is the real deal -
it's what you've been waiting for!


It's for every type of business

You may already have an established business, be it online or bricks and mortar, and you need to take it to the next level.

Whatever your business, even if you haven't started yet, THE DISRUPTORS CLUB is for you...

The essence is to bring as many diverse business models and minds together.

It's about sharing our journeys, being motivated and inspired so we can cut through the noise and all the BS out there, and really get things done.

It's for Disruptors

For action takers who are tired of the average...
For those ready to level up and create real opportunities.

Andy Brown

Serial Entrepreneur, Pilot and Speaker, Andy has built businesses in Jersey, the UK, Australia and the US.

Passionate about helping others create the lives they want to lead, he formed The Disruptors Club to inspire, motivate and guide you along your businesses building journey.

"My mission is simple: to get you from where you are now to where you want to go in business"

"When you're with Andy you have the feeling anything is possible - and that pretty much sums up his approach to life and business, which is very compelling for those who follow him, want to work with him and want to learn from him.

Andy has very strong morals, he cannot stand injustice, and you can be sure if you have the privilege of working with him, you'll always know he'll do the right thing by you."

Jenny Plant
Founder - Account Management Skills

What's inside?

All of this and more in the online community:

​A private membership site packed with resources and the online community discussion forums - to keep you motivated 24/7! 

  • Step-by-Step Business Success Path
  • Live Monthly Mastermind Training
  • Lunchbites - Facebook Live Sessions
  • Lazer Trainings & Resources
  • Goals and Accountability Setting
  • Community Forum
  • Member Business Directory
  • Affiliate Partner Programme

"For me the biggest benefit is the community and being around like minded people who are all on the same journey, albeit at different stages.

Everyone has similar values and a passion for the lifestyle they want to create and are very supportive to one another.

Andy offers massive value each week with resources and learnings based on points raised in the online conversations in the private members group. "

Carl Huelin
Founder - ManSize Sharing

Ready to build your business and transform your life?

 Doors open again January 2020 

 Join the VIP waiting list  

"I wanted to just say how GRATEFUL I am to be part of this Group.
Thank you Andy and Jules for creating TDC.
I believe that with all our support in here we will create amazing things"

Agi Masta
Author and Disruptors Club Founding Member

Frequently Asked Questions

A private entrepreneur membership community, created specifically to help you build and scale your business. The Club is made up of 3 parts:

  • Our Community
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Private Membership Site packed full of our training courses, coaching calls and resources.

The doors open again in January 2020, so be sure to put your name on the VIP waiting list above, and we'll let you know as soon as we're going live.

The Disruptors Club is for:

Burned out, stressed out professionals stuck in their job and desperate to get out and start their own business. This is the perfect place to start your journey...

Business Owners
You’re feeling the loneliness of working on your own, and your looking to be surrounded by other like minded people for inspiration, motivation and accountability...

Already on their journey, that want to mastermind with other successful entrepreneurs and business owners, to share ideas and look for new opportunities within the community.

It’s less than your daily cup of coffee!

All of this value for only $47 a month (£1.22 a day).

You pay monthly via PayPal.

Once you join, your payments will be taken automatically every month until you cancel. 

  • A Private Membership Site
  • The Disruptors Method Training
  • Business Success Path
  • Monthly Group Coaching Calls
  • Lazer Trainings
  • Essential Resources and Business Swipe Files
  • Live Event Recordings
  • Exclusive Affiliate Programme (earn monthly recurring income)
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Monthly Office Hours (1 hour access to me)
  • Power Networking with other Business Owners

Everything you need to get you out the blocks, out of your own way, and on to building and scaling your business.

Yes you can. You will only pay up to the end of the month in which you cancel.

Your payment 'month' goes from the day of the month on which you joined.


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