What Lights You Up?

I didn’t actually wake up one day and think “I want to be an entrepreneur”.

In fact I wanted to fly planes for a living. From a very early age I had a burning desire to be a pilot. First of all on the front line and then a commercial skipper.

The problem with that is, you need to have passed a few exams before Her Majesty’s Royal Air Force or Virgin Atlantic will ask to meet you.

And I had none. In fact I didn’t really have much of an education after failing school, or did school fail me?

Even so, I was on a mission to fly. So I worked every job I could to build up enough money to pay for flight school.

But the thing was, that once I got my wings, the thought of flying for a living somewhat waned.

I realised that the intention had been wrong all the time.

After some soul searching I realised that I’d wanted to learn to fly in order to prove to myself that I wasn’t completely useless.

Don’t get me wrong, even at Private Pilot level I probably struggled more than others to pass the exams, but I got there and that was that.

So, what next?

Well I realised that if I could apply myself enough to earn my wings, I could do the same thing to build businesses.

But what type of business, what was floating my boat?

At the time, I was working in advertising agencies, so I thought this would be the natural way to go.

And so I did. I started a freelance design and print business, which is still running to this day, albeit it has grown up a bit.

But was it what I REALLY wanted to do? Did it light me up?

The lifestyle did for sure. The freedom to do what I wanted when I wanted, and work from anywhere in the world, but was I 100% fulfilled?

In a word, no.

What did light me up was solving problems, in particular, other people’s problems.

So in true Disruptors style, I went looking for trouble…

You see that’s what entrepreneurs do, they look for ways to solve troublesome problems, then they build solutions and take them to market.

I did this in our local property space by leveraging my network and sourcing UK property for Channel Island residents that they themselves wouldn’t be able to find.

Problem solved.

Then with The Disruptors Club, I created a community of entrepreneurs and gave them clarity, inspiration and motivation to build and scale their own business, all of which they didn’t have when trying to do it alone.

I removed the confusion and overwhelm and gave them a safe place in which to share their journey with other like minded action takers.

And THIS is what really lights me up. Seeing people creating businesses that they’ve always wanted, and consequently finding the freedom to live life on their terms.

So when people ask me what type of the business they should create, I ask them ‘what’s your problem?’

Because if you’re one of those people trying to find a niche, think about a particular problem that you might be facing today and how you could create a solution that not only yourself, but many others could benefit from.

But most important of all, you have to be passionate about it. There’s no point buying yourself another job just for the sake of being self employed.

So think about what lights you up, look for a problem in that space and get to it…

Find the solution, add tons of value, and go Disrupting!


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Post by Andy Brown
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.thedisruptorsclub.com
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