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Start with the end in mind so you can build the best business to suit your lifestyle.

Lesson 1: What's Your Destination

Lesson 2: The Secret to Progress

Lesson 3: Lifestyle or Performance Business

Lesson 4: The Power of Waypoints

Module Time: 19 minutes


How to monetise your passion or skills and decide on your audience.

Lesson 1: Nail Your Niche

Lesson 2: Monetise Your Passion

Lesson 3: Validating Your Idea

Lesson 4: Your Perfect Customer

Lesson 5: Finding Your Fans

Module Time: 38 minutes


Choose the business model that best suits your new lifestyle.

Lesson 1: Business Models

Lesson 2: Choose Your Platform

Module Time: 15 Minutes


Choose the product or service you’re going to sell including super simple sales funnels.

Lesson 1: What Does Your Product Do?

Lesson 2: Setting a Price Point

Lesson 3: Online Sales Funnel

Module Time: 39 Minutes


The final steps to find your customers and get your business flying.

Lesson 1: The Secret to a Successful Launch

Lesson 2: Connection Phase

Lesson 3: Your Brand Checklist

Lesson 4: Build Your Email List

Lesson 5: Awareness Phase

Lesson 6: Launch Phase

Module Time: 37 Minutes

The 90 Day Online Business Launchpad


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  • Templates
  • Private VIP Facebook Group
  • Incredible Community to inspire, motivate and hold you accountable
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