The Disruptors Club Podcast

The Disruptors Club Podcast

Hosted by: Andy Brown - Founder of The Disruptors Club

Life's too short to be chained to a desk. Join the Disruptors who've ditched the 9-to-5 and are living life on their terms... Guest interviews with others who've disrupted their ordinary, built an online...


Disrupting Change Making in the Wilds of Norway with Torill Bye Wilhelmsen

Season #1 Episode #22

Tired of those stuffy old conferences where everyone shoves their business card in your face? Where you can't hear a thing, and it's all 'hustle' to meet the 'star' guests? Welcome to Slow Business Adventure - a...
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Meet Catherine Fitch - Entrepreneur and Supermum!

Season #1 Episode #21

Meet the incredible Catherine Fitch - Supermum, Single Parent and Entrepreneur… Refusing to compromise on giving her son the very best start in life, Catherine gave up a 25 year career in the Finance, Pharmaceutical...
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Disrupting the Qualifications Myth

Season #1 Episode #20

In this week's episode Andy is Disrupting the myth that you're not qualified to start a business. Too many people are holding themselves back because they think they're not worthy to serve others, just because they...
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How to get back nine 40-hour workweeks a year!

Season #1 Episode #19

How to get back nine 40-hour workweeks a year! In this week’s episode Jules and Andy are sharing their goal planning hacks, disrupting productivity and busting New Year Resolutions… Gold nuggets in this episode: How...
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From Drugs and Violence to Helping People Master Their Minds

Season #1 Episode #18

Neil Jordan was nearly a lost man. Caught up in a world of violence, drugs and murder, through meditation he found his way to a new life helping others to master their mind. Gritty, funny and powerful, Neil is openly...
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STOP burning up your advertising budget on month end vultures!!!

Season #1 Episode #17

Please stop burning up your ad spend on advertising and media companies who are just ticking month end boxes... In this pint sized podcast, I'm explaining the holy trinity of crafting an effective marketing message,...
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Transforming Lives Through RTT with Jacqui Carrel

Season #1 Episode #16

In this episode I chat with Jacqui Carrel who is transforming peoples lives and businesses through Rapid Transformation Therapy. Gold Nuggets in this episode: Removing those blocks programmed into us from childhood...
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Jules and Andy are Disrupting the Dip

Season #1 Episode #15

This week we're dealing with those slumps of productivity and motivation that we all get, and the tips we use to get out of it... Gold Nuggets in this episode: Recognising the Dip Don't fight it Sharing with your...
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Taymour Qabazard - Disrupting the Fear of Failure...

Season #1 Episode #14

In this super powerful episode with Coach Taymour, we're Disrupting Fear of Failure, Self Limiting Beliefs and The Salary Trap. As Taymour tells us, he's not your average Coach, more like 'Therapy on Speed' where he...
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Jules & Andy are Disrupting Procrastination, Setting Goals and Getting Sh*t Done!

Season #1 Episode #13

In this week's episode, Jules and Andy are disrupting procrastination through accountability, setting those weekly goals, and generally getting sh*t done on the run up to Open Doors on Thursday... Gold nuggets in...
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Kristina Todorova - Life & Performance Coaching for Millennials

Season #1 Episode #12

In this episode we disrupting today’s pressure on Millennials, the impact of social media on our self esteem, and how to transform ourselves to a better space. Gold nuggets in this episode: Combatting the loneliness...
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Jules and Andy are Disrupting Imposter Syndrome

Season #1 Episode #11

This week, a slightly nervous Jules has joined me again to tackle Imposter Syndrome and the dreaded small hours factor... We're discussing what Imposter Syndrome means to us and how we disrupt it in our day-to-day...
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