Meet Catherine Fitch - Entrepreneur and Supermum!

Season #1 Episode #21

Meet the incredible Catherine Fitch - Supermum, Single Parent and Entrepreneur…

Refusing to compromise on giving her son the very best start in life, Catherine gave up a 25 year career in the Finance, Pharmaceutical & Healthcare industries to start her own business.

And boy did it pay off! Through the struggles of building a business and being a single parent, she’s now helping others (including her 9 year old son!) build their own businesses.

Inspiring, humble, honest, and funny, Catherine is an inspiration to anyone thinking of starting a business to spend more time with their loved ones.

By swimming against the current and challenging the status quo Catherine has taken herself from ordinary to extraordinary!

Gold Nuggets in this episode:

  • A 9 year old’s lessons in business!
  • Why boredom is a good thing
  • You don’t need a degree (unless you really want one)
  • Catherine’s 24 Hour Strategy for when things go wrong
  • The power of consistency
  • Don’t over analyse it! Get going, make mistakes and build on them!

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