Disrupting Change Making in the Wilds of Norway with Torill Bye Wilhelmsen

Season #1 Episode #22

Tired of those stuffy old conferences where everyone shoves their business card in your face? Where you can't hear a thing, and it's all 'hustle' to meet the 'star' guests?

Welcome to Slow Business Adventure - a transformative, annual gathering for entrepreneurs and change-makers held in the wilds of Norway!

Gold nuggets in this episode:

  • Getting emails from Seth Godin about Cinnamon Rolls!
  • Want to spend 4 days in a Norway retreat?
  • Escaping the hustle with value driven business owners
  • 10 hour hikes whilst building your network
  • Finding your headspace with new vision
  • Combatting Entrepreneur burnout
  • Bringing REAL people together to make lifelong connections
  • Networking the Norwegian Way - free download

The next annual Slow Business Adventure is held on 13-20 September 2020

Festival Ticket Includes:

  • 3 keynotes with world-class speakers
  • 4 Living Room Workshop with international experts
  • Networking in nature with other founders
  • Coworking space at daytime
  • Walkshops(TM) in a national park
  • Hikes in Jotunheimen with local guide
  • More than 10 exciting activities and creativity/outdoor workshops on-site
  • Cheese and chocolate tastings
  • Campfire conversations
  • Adventure talks
  • Social meetups and entertainment
  • Free camping in your own tent

Book your tickets now: 

Torill Bye Wilhelmsen
Slow Business Adventure
Email: [email protected]



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