How to Monetise Your Blog with Mrs Mummypenny

Season #1 Episode #25

Can you really make a business from blogging?

Meet the incredible Lynn James who did just that - ditched her huge career to become a blogger, and now does very nicely, thank you!

In 2015 Lynn left the corporate world in June 2015 to launch Mrs Mummypenny, a personal finance & lifestyle brand.

But within months, she found herself in debt. Instead of keeping it hidden, Lynn openly told her story and invited people to follow her on the journey to becoming debt free.

Through years of perseverance and determination and building trust and relationships with her readers and clients, she now has the ideal lifestyle she'd always dreamed of.

Gold nuggets in this episode:

  • Why people will love your real story
  • Document, don't create your content
  • Why you MUST optimise your content as a blogger
  • How to make money blogging
  • Affiliates - know your audience
  • Trying to win £10K on TV game shows :)
  • Retainers - why they can save the cashflow game
  • Flying to Antiqua to meet your coach!

Lynn James - Personal finance expert & founder of Mrs Mummypenny

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