How to REALLY Use LinkedIn to Win More Business with Charlie Whyman

Season #1 Episode #26

In her very first week of unemployment, LinkedIn Legend Charlie Whyman took her networking skills and applied them to the B2B online platform...

Within days she had secured 2 new clients, and now coaches and trains people on how to REALLY use this social media power platform. 

The potential of LinkedIn is huge, and in this solid gold episode, Charlie breaks down how to really use the platform, build meaningful relationships and win business!

Gold nuggets in this episode:

  • From trade shows to online - why it's the same principle
  • Why EVERYONE in your business is responsible for sales
  • Don't drive traffic off LinkedIn if you want to win the game
  • Always vet who's connecting with you
  • The key to a killer LinkedIn Profile
  • LinkedIn isn't your CV, it's your Business
  • Why paying it forward is so powerful


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