Episode 28: The Richest Poor Guy in the World

The very foundation of building a successful Online Business is the Destination...

When we start with the end in mind, we can plot a course that will lead us step-by-step to the new life we want to lead.

My good friend is an example of what you can achieve when you are laser focussed on your end goal - riches that would make your eyes water!

Episode 27: Diving with Sharks, Getting Chased by the Cops and Building Businesses - Life Lessons at 50 from our Chief Disruptor

In this episode, the lovely Jules takes the hot seat to interview founder of The Disruptors Club - Andy Brown

Gold nuggets in this episode:

  • How it REALLY feels to hit the big 5-0
  • My biggest lesson in half a century
  • The truth about being 'on stage'
  • Why I hate working for others
  • Being chased by the cops
  • The paradox of being a pilot
  • The one thing I tell my mentees

Episode 26: From Murder on The Orient Express to Building a Global Brand

How one wrong turn and one right decision changed everything for Roly...

How far would you go for a once in a lifetime opportunity? Walking the streets of New York in sub-zero temperatures?

Hear Roly's incredible story of how he grabbed an opportunity by the neck and helped take an international brand of cider to the USofA!

Episode 25: How to REALLY Use LinkedIn to Win More Business with Charlie Whyman

In her very first week of unemployment, LinkedIn Legend Charlie Whyman took her networking skills and applied them to the B2B online platform...

Within days she had secured 2 new clients, and now coaches and trains people on how to REALLY use this social media power platform. 

The potential of LinkedIn is huge, and in this solid gold episode, Charlie breaks down how to really use the platform, build meaningful relationships and win business!

Episode 24: How to Monetise Your Blog with Mrs Mummypenny

Can you really make a business from blogging?

Meet the incredible Lynn James who did just that - ditched her huge career to become a blogger, and now does very nicely, thank you!

In 2015 Lynn left the corporate world in June 2015 to launch Mrs Mummypenny, a personal finance & lifestyle brand.

But within months, she found herself in debt. Instead of keeping it hidden, Lynn openly told her story and invited people to follow her on the journey to becoming debt free.

Through years of perseverance and determination and building trust and relationships with her readers and clients, she now has the ideal lifestyle she'd always dreamed of.

Episode 23: Saving Entrepreneurs from Burnout with Dr Glenda Rivoallan

Very nearly a victim of Entrepreneur burnout, Glenda realised there's a huge gap in many Entrepreneur's wellbeing, often leading to burnout and failure.

Through huge challenges, she built a complete centre of wellbeing in the heart of Jersey, and now devotes her working life to helping other business builders become resilient and mindful in order to cope with the huge challenges of entrepreneurship.

Episode 22: From Busboy to Millionaire to Homeless

In 2008 Paul Pruitt had it all, a self-made millionaire lifestyle well on his way to early retirement...

And then it all came crashing down, and before he knew it, he was $3m in debt and out on the streets...

Hear the inspiring story of how Paul picked himself up again by going back to basics, and how he now lives his dream life with peace and clarity whilst serving others.

Episode 21: Disrupting Change Making in the Wilds of Norway

Tired of those stuffy old conferences where everyone shoves their business card in your face? Where you can't hear a thing, and it's all 'hustle' to meet the 'star' guests?

Welcome to Slow Business Adventure - a transformative, annual gathering for entrepreneurs and change-makers held in the wilds of Norway!

Episode 20: Meet Catherine Fitch - Entrepreneur and Supermum!

Meet the incredible Catherine Fitch - Supermum, Single Parent and Entrepreneur…

Refusing to compromise on giving her son the very best start in life, Catherine gave up a 25 year career in the Finance, Pharmaceutical & Healthcare industries to start her own business.

And boy did it pay off! Through the struggles of building a business and being a single parent, she’s now helping others (including her 9 year old son!) build their own businesses.

Inspiring, humble, honest, and funny, Catherine is an inspiration to anyone thinking of starting a business to spend more time with their loved ones.

By swimming against the current and challenging the status quo Catherine has taken herself from ordinary to extraordinary!

Episode 19: Disrupting the Qualifications Myth

In this week's episode Andy is Disrupting the myth that you're not qualified to start a business.

Too many people are holding themselves back because they think they're not worthy to serve others, just because they don't have a formal qualification in what they do...

Rubbish! And I'll tell you why...

Episode 18: How to get back nine 40-hour workweeks a year!

How to get back nine 40-hour workweeks a year!

In this week’s episode Jules and Andy are sharing their goal planning hacks, disrupting productivity and busting New Year Resolutions…

Episode 17: From Drugs and Violence to Helping People Master Their Minds

Neil Jordan was nearly a lost man.

Caught up in a world of violence, drugs and murder, through meditation he found his way to a new life helping others to master their mind.

Gritty, funny and powerful, Neil is openly honest about his journey and how he now helps others transform their thinking and their lives.

Episode 16: STOP burning up your advertising budget on month end vultures!!!

Please stop burning up your ad spend on advertising and media companies who are just ticking month end boxes...

In this pint sized podcast, I'm explaining the holy trinity of crafting an effective marketing message, and why YOU need to know.

Episode 15: Transforming Lives Through RTT with Jacqui Carrel

In this episode I chat with Jacqui Carrel who is transforming peoples lives and businesses through Rapid Transformation Therapy.

Episode 14: Jules and Andy are Disrupting the Dip

This week we're dealing with those slumps of productivity and motivation that we all get, and the tips we use to get out of it...

Episode 13: Taymour Qabazard - Disrupting the Fear of Failure

In this super powerful episode with Coach Taymour, we're Disrupting Fear of Failure, Self Limiting Beliefs and The Salary Trap.

As Taymour tells us, he's not your average Coach, more like 'Therapy on Speed' where he likes to tell it how it is...

Episode 12: Jules & Andy are Disrupting Procrastination, Setting Goals and Getting Sh*t Done!

In this week's episode, Jules and Andy are disrupting procrastination through accountability, setting those weekly goals, and generally getting sh*t done on the run up to Open Doors on Thursday...

Episode 11: Kristina Todorova - Life & Performance Coaching for Millennials

In this episode we disrupting today’s pressure on Millennials, the impact of social media on our self esteem, and how to transform ourselves to a better space.

Episode 10: Jules and Andy are Disrupting Imposter Syndrome

This week, a slightly nervous Jules has joined me again to tackle Imposter Syndrome and the dreaded small hours factor...

We're discussing what Imposter Syndrome means to us and how we disrupt it in our day-to-day lives.

Episode 9: June O'Sullivan MBE - Disrupting the Injustice of Child Poverty

June's mission is to give every child, regardless of status, the very best start in educational life. With 1 in 4 UK children living in poverty, she has been instrumental in making huge social change within the London nursery childcare system.

From humble beginnings in Cork to MBE, June's story will inspire you take relentless action in order to achieve YOUR mission.

Episode 8: Meet the 'better' half of The Disruptors Club - the incredible Jules

In this episode I'm delighted to introduce the incredible Jules.

My partner in life, in crime and business, after a shocking experience in Italy, this week Jules and I are discussing that people don't buy what you sell, they buy the way it makes them feel.

Episode 7: Paula Thomas - Inspiring Companies to Make More Sales

From Sales Rep to Killer Selling Machine, Paula built on her experience to create her own Sales Consultancy Business that's expanding faster than the universe!

In this episode we discuss the apathy of salespeople and why those who are embracing the basics are winning the game...

Episode 6: Million Dollar Ad Spend, Rogue Pixels and the Power of Your Community

I met a bloke on a plane the other day who used to make £200K a day on Google Ads...

Hear all about it, how I had my Pixel 'surgically' removed, and much, much more...

Episode 5: Marc Le Cornu - Hero Fire Fighter to Award Winning Photographer

Talk about seizing an opportunity!

Senior Fire Fighter Marc combined his duties at work with his passion to become one of the foremost Drone Photographers in the world.

In this episode we discuss leaving a huge career in pursuit of your dreams, the challenges and fear around that, and how to embrace change and turn it into an award winning business.

Episode 4: 6 Things I Would Tell My Younger Self

In this pint-sized episode, I share my 6 biggest lessons from life...

Episode 3: 3 Top Tips for Disrupting Procrastination

This week I'm Disrupting Procrastination...

When I learned to fly back in the day, I discovered 3 essential elements for beating procrastination and achieving success

Episode 2: Jenny Plant - Raw, Unplugged and the Day She Made £30K in 24 Hours!

The wonderful Jenny Plant is raw and open about what drove her to walk out of a 6-figure career and start out on her own.

We talk about how as entrepreneurs, we explore different business models, but having the focus and discipline to monetise our hard earned experience is often where the gold lies.

Episode 1: It's Time to Disrupt Your Ordinary

Welcome to the very first edition of The Disruptors Club Podcast!

My name is Andy Brown, founder of the The Disruptors Club, serial entrepreneur and pilot.