Making the Dream a Reality

Never give up your dreams, no matter how far audacious and untenable they seem…

I took the photo on the right today, almost 2 years exactly since I took the one on the left.

When I took the photo in 2019, I’d just come out of an investment meeting whilst visiting Sotogrande for a few days from Jersey.

With crystal clarity, as I took the picture I remember thinking to myself, I want this to be where I live and work. I want this vision to be on my doorstep.

I don’t know how it was going to happen, but it was…

Jules and I flew home 3 days later and I made the photo centre of my vision board.

At the time, the world was relatively normal; Jules was in her full time job, I was working with my clients in Jersey, and we had the obligatory 4 weeks holiday a year.

Just ordinary stuff…

But I had a fire in me. Every time I looked at that photo on our vision boards, I wanted to be back there more than ever.

Less than a year later the world changed for ever....

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50 weeks in a British jail

Snuggled down on our terrace sofa tonight, I posed this one to Joolsy;
“Are we living our dream in Spain?”
“Abso-freakin-lootley!” She said…
The point being that we do actually LIVE here.
Now, imagine you’re in good old Blighty (or anywhere else in the world), working your bits off in your J.O.B. which includes the obligatory 4 weeks holiday a year.
2 of those weeks are spent ‘just doing stuff’ - the other 2 spent on your annual Summer Hols in the sun - a place where you’d love to live…
But hey ho, before you know it, 2 weeks are up and you’re back on the plane towards another 50 weeks of the old routine.
And that was Joolsy and I last year until we said ‘life really is too freakin’ short’.
Cliche? Stay with me.
Here’s the kicker…
If you up sticks and live just ONE YEAR in your dream location, it would take someone...
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