“You have control” - why I have 3 Mentors

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The Disruptors Club De Havilland Chipmunk Aerobatics

The aeroplane was spinning towards the ground, seemingly out of control when the voice in my headset said “You have control”.

As the earth rotated faster, now almost a blur, I took hold of the control stick, pushed it fully forward and pointed the nose further towards the ground whilst applying full opposite rudder to the spin. 

Or at least I hoped it was the opposite direction because if it wasn’t, things were about to get a lot worse…

Nothing happened, the spin actually got quicker.

“Was that right” I asked myself, had I done the right thing? Then the spinning slowed and stopped along with the sound of the airflow increasing as we dived towards terra firma.

We weren’t in a simulator. We were in a De Havilland Chipmunk which I was now climbing safely away so we could have another go.

I love this stuff!

Have you ever felt like things in your life are just spinning around in circles?

I’m not talking about hurtling towards the ground in an aeroplane, I mean situations that build up to a point where you feel you're stuck and can't move forward?

The guy in the back seat that day was my flying mentor who (safely) pushed me to do things I never would have dreamed of by myself. Otherwise my flying might have remained quite vanilla instead of being more valuable and enriched.

But to do things like that, you have to have complete trust in the one who’s leading you. You have to be certain that what they are telling you is true.

When you find that trust and leadership, your life can expand exponentially. You will think differently and you will take uncomfortable action to make changes.

This is why I have 3 mentors in my life. I have a business coach, a very sage property advisor, and a flying mentor…

Each of these people push me to advance myself in those individual niches, which in turn helps me to become more successful in each venture.

Sometimes it’s bloody difficult and it can be scary. But when you look back at how far you’ve come, you see the massive value of your investment.

If you’ve never invested in a mentor before, chances are you might think it’s out of reach financially.

And the paradox is that the power of a mentor never really becomes apparent until you’ve had one, a good one that is…

I didn’t start investing in my own professional development until much later in my life. Since then, I've spent over $100,000 on self improvement so that I can serve others.

To be honest, at first I didn’t think I needed to. Things were going well with the business I had, the money was coming in and life was good.

But when I started attending events where I was surrounded by those who were much further along on their journey, one thing appeared as a common thread; the mentor.

All of the successful people had a mentor who themselves were much further on in their journey. 

And you kind of think - why? 

Do they really need someone when they’re that successful? They all seemed a quantum leap ahead of where I was.

But the answer is yes, if you want to take yourself up to the next level and beyond, it's essential.

You have to see a mentor as an investment and not an expense. But you also have to ensure that the ones you choose are the real deal. Believe me, I’ve been on the wrong end of that a few times!

There are too many people calling themselves ‘gurus’, ‘experts’, ‘specialists’ and ‘mechanics’, when they really haven’t had the time to gain the rightful experience in business and in life.

Ever seen a young 20-something on Facebook selling their next big life coaching retreat? Please! They haven’t even started living yet…

But if you’re serious about taking yourself further than you ever imagined, then a mentor is the way to go.

Be warned though, it’s going to push you way out of your comfort zone. But that can only be a good thing if you really want to elevate.

So if you are serious about moving up but think you can’t afford a mentor, you actually can’t afford not too…


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