You Can't Steer a Parked Car


“At least nobody got hurt…”

My thoughts as I drove over, instead of around the roundabout…

Granted the flowers weren’t looking too healthy now, but I’d survived the excursion.

Sometimes what seems like the smallest thing to one person is a huge mission to someone else.

That was me last week when I went ‘solo’ for the first time driving on Spanish roads.

I’d been putting it off for weeks, making up all the lame excuses to not get behind the wheel; It’s a new car. I’ve never driven a Land Rover, nor have I tackled an automatic.

And . . . the steering wheel is on the wrong side! There’s no possible way I can drive this down here.

But in the back of my mind I knew I had to tackle the beast…

I was losing my independence and also relying on Andy to drive us everywhere we needed to go. His enthusiasm for Lidl and Mercadona was starting to wane.

When people are procrastinating, Andy has a great saying to motivate them into action;

You can’t steer a parked car.

What he means is; just get started, otherwise you’ll never find your true direction.

He’s also great at breaking things down into bite size, manageable pieces, so that’s what we decided on to get me moving.

Or so I thought…

The plan was to start me on the big boulevards around here which at this time of the year have more tumbleweed than cars.

So with much trepidation, I pushed the start button on our ‘Disco’ and we were off to push the boundaries of my comfort zone.

And before I knew it, we’d kept going much further…

With his guidance and encouragement I’d driven us into our local town and parked outside the Chinese bazar (why are there so many of these places in Spain?)…

It was a huge milestone for me.

As I say, one person’s victory is another’s “so what” - but for me it was a big step forward in our new lives down here.

Two days later he sent me ‘solo’. Apparently I was safe to be out on my own.

To be honest, he needed a lift to the port for a ‘liquid’ meeting with the boys.

And so far so good…

In fact I’m really embracing it now as I push on ever further in our wagon. I might even venture to Gibraltar on Thursday to get those mince pies I was denied last week.

My only regret is that I didn’t get going sooner, and of course those poor flowers on the roundabout at the marina…

But hey, just like me they’ll come back even stronger next year 😘


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Post by Jules Le Cornu
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