Walk Your Own Path

Ain’t social media grand!
All those gurus and celebrities showing us how amazing and successful they are. Wow!
I’m not a millionaire, but I am a success.
Wait, how does that work? You’re supposed to have gazillions of dollars to be successful, right?
My ‘mother-in-law’ often asks me; “Andy, when are you going to make your first million?’ - truth be known, I’ve made more than a million pounds in my life. The fact that my bank balance isn’t larger than 7-figures right now doesn’t mean a thing.
Well I have an amazing life…
I have a partner who loves me and I her. I love what I work on every day. I now wake up in a country where I’ve wanted to live for as long as I can remember, and I get to go out on my paddle board when I’m not working on what I love doing.
Jules and I get to hop in our ‘Disco’ and travel to new places, eat the food we like (Tapas! Oh my, don’t get me started…) and most importantly, we have a home to come back to that is full of love.
Not very successful is it?
Sure, you can measure success in bank balances if you like, but once you discover what success REALLY means to you, your whole perspective will change for ever.
Those who head west forever chasing the sunset, never reach it. While those who discover that the perfect day can be right here every day, can be the richest people in the world.
But my life is totally different to yours…
You may not want to live in Spain and do what I do. You might not want to work for yourself or go out paddle boarding when the sun is shining.
And likewise, my mentors who ARE very rich have lifestyles and live in places that I don’t strive for.
Yes, I learn from them from a business perspective, but I follow my own path in life.
But that wasn’t always the case…
When I first started investing in my own self development, I used to think “How long until I get to be where they are?” - I was drawn to their success when I didn’t know what I really wanted.
I was trying to walk their path…
Once I realised that it wasn’t about what they had, but about creating a life in which I was fulfilled and happy, my entire perspective changed.
Love ‘em or hate ‘em, you’ll hear me bang on about Vision Boards - you know, those posters you build with pictures of what you really want in life and then stick them on your wall?
When Jules and I realised we were chasing the wrong thing in our lives, we spent a LOT of time figuring out what we really wanted.
Then we built our Vision Boards which were centred around a new life in Spain.
And now here we are, quite literally living our dream.
Sure we have tough times and there are many challenges on a daily basis, but if you could see those boards compared to where we are now, you’d be shocked at how close they are.
So my message to you is this this: Walk your own path, but go confidently in the direction of your dreams*
Someone else’s path is not your own, you have to find out what you really want. Then you must start on that journey by taking the first step.
Clear out those thoughts of what other people have and start building your own vision. This is very important.
But the most important thing in all of this is to start taking action to make it happen.
Even if you change just one thing today, maybe unfollowing someone on social media who no longer serves you, or perhaps starting on your own vision board, take action.
Of course, find like minded people to go on the journey with, but tread your own path. Their shoes won't fit you…
What I have learned is that chasing money doesn’t bring you happiness. It’s the other way around…
*Quote origin by Henry David Thoreau.

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