The Fragility of Life…

bekind carpediem life Sep 13, 2021
Estepona Fireman - total hero

On my run to Marbella this morning I drove past the fires that have been raging for days in the hills above Estepona.

So far, one firefighter has lost their life and the devastation to nature and animals is beyond comprehension.

Yet still, the Bomberos tackle the blaze from the ground and air...

As I drove along the Autopista, one of the huge firebombing helicopters briefly flew alongside on its way to scoop up more water.

As a pilot I know just how dangerous these missions are, but for me I’d still rather be tackling the inferno from the air than on the ground, it just seems that little bit more removed from the danger.

All of the firefighter’s courage is tremendous. Most of us view these incidents from afar without any comprehension of what they’re facing, yet they go back again and again to try and put out the flames.

Their families must be fraught. Imagine each time they leave the house to attend those horrendous duties, wives, husbands and kids not knowing if their loved one might come back?

Life is so fragile, yet often we treat it with disdain and simply drift through life worrying about the small stuff.

So when we’re all out and about this week, safely going about out days, why don’t we embrace what we have and be grateful for all those incredible people out there.

Be nice to people and most importantly the ones closest to you. When you leave the house, tell them you love them without any expectation. Let someone go ahead of you in a queue, smile at the checkout lady and say thank you when most people don’t.

There’s a saying that goes “We only live once” -
Wrong: We only die once, we get to live every single day...

So let’s make it count whilst those heroes are out there trying to save it for us.

This image is of a volunteer firefighter tackling the blaze above Estepona. Please support your bomberos...

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