The Problem with Plan B

focus living the dream mindset Sep 02, 2021
The Disruptors Club Blog | The Problem with Plan B

The problem with Plan B is that a lot of people are already living it.

It’s the day job. The ‘safe’ 9-to-5 with the salary at the end of the month. 

And the problem with that is, we don’t give enough energy or focus to Plan A which is the escape route to living life on our terms.

We dabble, we like the sound of Plan A, but it’s not essential.

But how safe is that net really? You're putting your trust in someone else to keep things comfortable for you.

Things are different when that safety net isn't quite as secure as we thought, when there is no Plan B…

At this point we’re in survival mode and we’ll give it everything we have because it’s our nature to survive.

Take the person who snaps, who turns over the desk and walks out of her job because she's burned as toast, she’s now fully focussed on Plan A. 

I know her because I’ve met her…

And she made it work, she had too.

Within 3 weeks she'd created a business where she was earning more being self employed than she ever was in her day job.

She didn’t have a safety net, all she had was her hunger for a better life.

Of course I’m not condoning walking into work today and sacking the boss. 

But what if we had a mindset shift and started thinking that the days of Plan B are numbered, that we'd been given notice and had only 3 months to come up with Plan A…

People have more incentive without a safety net.


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