No pressure, no diamonds

I’m in trouble with the boss again.

Last week I got shiny object syndrome and went off chasing ‘a great idea’ down the internet rabbit hole.

I’ll be honest, their marketing was pretty slick and the promises were great, but I really should know better.

It happens though when things get tough, we’re often distracted by those bright and shiny things over there that seem a bit easier than what we’re toiling on over here.

As I’m still very much finding my feet as a self-employed lady, I’m discovering that setting up a business has it’s challenges…

To begin with the money doesn’t come in every week like it did back in the j.o.b. - because this is a long game.  And that brings its own pressures…

So maybe I need to cut myself a bit of slack for glancing at the road sign that says ‘Shortcut’.

One of Andy’s coaching sessions in The Disruptors Club is F.O.C.U.S. - which stands for Follow One...

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Nothing Grows in the Comfort Zone

Andy reckons I had Stockholm syndrome, that thing when hostages bond with their captors. He said my captor was my comfort zone.

He might just be right…

Because no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t bring myself to leave my ‘zone’, that place I’d been for well over 13 years.

The thing this, I can still remember those hideous Monday mornings…

6am, the alarm clock screeching like nails down a blackboard.

It needn’t have bothered, I’d been awake since 3 anyway listening to the rain hammer off our bedroom window.

It’s dark, it’s cold, it’s wet and I want to be somewhere warm and sunny. I’m not talking about retirement, just somewhere that was a bit more palatable during the long winter months.

Hey ho, like a robot, I hit the ‘off’ button and run into the shower.

It’s still dark outside when I start the car and turn the heated seat to ‘tropical’ - the windscreen wipers having the...

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The Fears are Paper Tigers

I’ve been scared for 10 years…

Truth be known, it’s probably longer.

As my job slowly took its toll on my physical and mental health, I was in fear of the future.

What could I do? Where could I go? How could I get out of this space that I really didn’t want to be in?

And then Andy said one of the most powerful things someone had ever spoken to me; “It’s taken all of my life to find you, but if you go on like this I’m going to lose you”

Wake up call. But I was still scared.

At my age I couldn’t see me getting another job, so the only option was to start my own business, and that was a terrifying prospect.

What could I do? What if it all went wrong? How would we survive?

Our dream had always been to build up the businesses, move to Spain and live a mobile lifestyle.

But with Covid, Brexit and my job about to kill me, that project suddenly became very real when we decided to up sticks and make the move before the end of the year.


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What Lights You Up?

I didn’t actually wake up one day and think “I want to be an entrepreneur”.

In fact I wanted to fly planes for a living. From a very early age I had a burning desire to be a pilot. First of all on the front line and then a commercial skipper.

The problem with that is, you need to have passed a few exams before Her Majesty’s Royal Air Force or Virgin Atlantic will ask to meet you.

And I had none. In fact I didn’t really have much of an education after failing school, or did school fail me?

Even so, I was on a mission to fly. So I worked every job I could to build up enough money to pay for flight school.

But the thing was, that once I got my wings, the thought of flying for a living somewhat waned.

I realised that the intention had been wrong all the time.

After some soul searching I realised that I’d wanted to learn to fly in order to prove to myself that I wasn’t completely useless.

Don’t get me wrong, even at Private Pilot level I...

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