3 Things Not to Do When Starting an Online Business…

Think about this; in order for someone to learn from you (and more importantly, pay you for it), sometimes all you need is experience…

The only formal qualifications I have are as a pilot, but I don’t teach people to fly.

What I do have is over 20 years of hard earned, in the trenches business experience, and that’s what people pay me for.

I help them create a transformation in their life without them having put in all those years that I did.

So, I help fast-track people who want to startup an online business. And yet I don’t have a PhD or MBA.

Don’t get me wrong, qualifications are great but they’re nothing without experience.

If you are one step ahead of the person who wants to learn from you, then you have a viable product.

As long as you can deliver your subject in a clear fashion from which they can take action and get results, you have a viable product.

👉 Now, here are those 3 things not to do when starting an online business:

1. Do NOT think that you have nothing to sell - see above!

2. Do NOT get imposter syndrome - if you can help someone with your experience, then why not get paid for it?

3. Do NOT think that you don’t have enough of your own experience, you can also be the courier of someone else’s expertise.

As human beings we are very adept at talking ourselves out of something because we think we’re not worthy.

Here’s the thing, if you’re currently in a job, then someone (ie your boss) thinks that it’s worth paying for your experience or expertise.

There is value in what you do, otherwise you wouldn’t be employed.

So what’s stopping you from turning that around and becoming your own boss?

Out of the incredible growth in Online Business in 2020, information products were, and continue to be in huge demand.

People are genuinely looking for information that will help them make a transformation in their lives.

Your job is to have that belief in yourself so that you can turn it into a business and have your own transformation.

With the technology we have at our fingertips and people becoming ever more comfortable being in front of a camera, the barrier to entry of

starting an online information business is lower than it ever was.

Stop doubting and start doing, next year is YOUR year 🙌

Have a great day!

Andy 😎


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